Everyone needs to eat, right? So… if you’re getting tired of pasta, find menu planning daunting, or just need to do something different for your family (and community), consider take-out from one of our many Queen Anne neighborhood eateries. Here is a list of ten of our team’s favorite spots that are open as I write this, and we’d love to have you add to the list! We all want to enjoy healthy food and great community. If we stay strong and supportive, these businesses will continue to thrive. But is take-out restaurant food really safe?

According to the CDC, FDA, and USDA the answer is “yes!” Each regulating body has agreed that there is no evidence that the novel coronavirus is transmitted through food or food packaging. But it pays to be vigilant: if you are having food delivered, please pay for it over the phone, website, or food-ordering platform with a credit card. Have the delivery person leave the food at the front door, and don’t forget to tip your delivery person, either online or by leaving a tip under your doormat. Delivery specialists are working very hard on the front lines for us, bring nutritious meals to you and your neighbors. If you are picking food up, be sure to honor the social distancing measures that are in effect at your local restaurant.

The List. While there is no favorite here, and we’ve listed the restaurants in alphabetical order, we think you’ll enjoy these meals. If you agree, be sure to thank our local restaurateurs for their hard work and post a “thank you” picture on their website or social media platform if you can. If you’re a long-time local, remember all of those gift certificates, free meals, and Halloween candy that these businesses have donated to our schools and children over the years.


Betty has been a fixture on Queen Anne for over a decade. Chef/Owners Jesse Thomas, Angie Nelson, and Robby Nelson have cooked up an incredible take-out menu with something for everyone. We recently tried the Take and Bake Lasagna and Salad dinner. It was hearty, delicious, and made dinner at home special. Enjoy their new menu and call ahead with your credit card to place an order.

Bounty Kitchen

Bounty Kitchen is proud to be an essential business. Meg and Russ will continue to joyfully support the community and their staff by serving up healthy meals at their Queen Anne location. Check out their online menu or call 206-695-2017 for more information. They are offering curbside pickup or orders delivered through Caviar and Uber Eats. The Thai Peanut & Basil Salad is a team favorite.

Eden Hill Provisions 

Available for delivery through DoorDash or Caviar, try the Cauliflower Curry Soup or the Wagyu beef, caramelized onions, secret sauce, smoked cheddar, and challah burger. Eat your veggies by ordering the Kettle Corn Brussel Sprouts. This modern American bistro and market is looking ahead to Easter and Passover with a special take-out menu.


Sandwiches, yes, but so much more! Try a nourishing bowl, a salad, or soup. Using locally sourced organic ingredients, Homegrown’s tagline is “The sustainable sandwich shop”. Homegrown is using the slick Toast Take-out app for all online orders for pickup or delivery. And if you are looking for a fun kid’s menu, Homegrown will please everyone.

Ken’s Market

Ken’s is our beloved grocer, and you will enjoy the beautiful hand-selected produce and a deli full of home-cooked meals. The meatloaf is just like Mom’s, and the Beef Stroganoff is a favorite in our house. Stock up on their freshly made salads, sliced meats, and some artisan bread for a special lunch or dinner.

Le Reve Bakery

Owned by Andrea Nakata, this gem is located on top of Queen Anne in a darling red house at 1805 Queen Anne Ave N. Le Reve Bakery will be open Monday-Sunday 8:00am-3:00pm for pastries, salads, and coffee. For faster service, please call your order in ahead of time (206) 623-7383. If you would like your order delivered, please use the Postmates and Grub Hub platforms. Viva La France!


Located at 10 Boston Street, Orrapin and her daughter Jan have been offering delicious Thai cuisine since 1995. Orrapin learned to cook as a young girl, and enjoys sharing authentic Thai recipes with her Queen Anne customers. Many dishes are available gluten-free. They have been proudly serving the neighborhood, our community, and the greater Seattle area for over 20 years. Check there website for hours and a fabulous menu. Our favorite is the Yellow Curry Chicken.

Performance Kitchen

Formerly Eat Local, these kitchens are located in neighborhoods throughout the Seattle area. Stop by to shop, sample, and speak with an in-store Registered Dietitians. We love the meals that are freezer ready. Just heat, serve, and enjoy.

Serendipity Café

Located in Magnolia Village, Serendipity Café (3222 West McGraw Street, not Queen Anne, but close enough) has come up with a delicious new take-out menu. Healthy, comforting, and friendly, make sure you try the Baked Mac and Cheese. If you have a craving for a burger (and who doesn’t), the California is our favorite. Looking for something lighter? The Steak Salad with Cilantro Ranch Dressing is just as delicious as it sounds. When you go in for pickup, ask about their cocktail kits to go!


Sometimes pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and Zeek’s has it down to a science. From specialty pies to salads, they have this take-out and delivery thing going on. Tip your driver through the website and ask him/her to leave your pie on the porch, or pick it up yourself at their top-of-the-hill location.