We are working for you! These are unprecedented times, and our greatest priority is the health and safety of our clients and team members. We also understand that real estate transactions don't just stop. Your home may be your greatest asset; there is a lot at stake. People are accepting jobs and moving to and from Seattle. We have initiated 8 steps to keep everyone safe and well during this unprecedented event.

1) Virtual tours using Matterport technology are available so clients can tour homes virtually.

2) We disinfect and wipe down all home surfaces before and after client tours.

3) One-time use gloves are provided at each home tour.

4) An ample supply of hand sanitizer is available to all team members and clients.

5) Handwashing stations and disposable paper towels are available at all homes.

6) Booties are provided at each home.

7) Our team members wear face coverings per CDC recommendations and we ask that you wear one as well.

8) Online scheduling ensures that showings remain private. Clients are not in contact with others.